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October 5th @ 4:30 pm
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Terms & Conditions

Release & Indemnity

By checking this box and purchasing a tour ticket, I understand that I will be touring a manufacturing facility with inherent risks and dangerous conditions that may exist within a manufacturing facility for a liquid product.

In consideration of participation in the tour and use of any facility owned by Kennay Farms Distilling, LLC, I agree to assume all risk of personal injury, falls, or accidents that may occur to my personal self.  I agree to release Kennay Farms Distilling, LLC,  from any and all claims for injuries, losses, and damages resulting in any way from use of any of Kennay Farms Distilling, LLC’s property.   My release includes all claims regarding the design, maintenance, manufacture, instructions, or conditions of the property, course, structures or equipment utilized in or around the facilities, express or implied warranties.   I understand that I am participating in this tour of my own free and voluntary will.

I agree that I am mentally and physically able to participate in touring the facility, and  I shall accept and abide by the rules and regulations of the facility as directed by Kennay Farms Distilling, LLC.

I irrevocably grant and agree that Kennay Farms Distilling, LLC, shall have the right to use, air, publish, or reproduce photographs, video, and/or my name, image, and likeness for any lawful purpose.